Same Day Crowns

Previously, crowns were done over 2 visits with a wait of up to 3 weeks in between.  With Cerec, an intramural scan is done after the tooth is prepared, and the crown is milled out of a block while you wait, and cemented in on the same day.  Not only is this particularly useful for people that are coming from significant distances, but the Cerec crowns are also more cost effective.  The use of the Cerec is not suitable for every case, however there are a large amount of instances where these can be used, not only for crowns, but for large fillings.  It gives us a good step in-between a direct plastic filling, and a lab made crown, which will ultimately help to preserve and protect the teeth longer.  Ask us about the cerec when you’re in for your next checkup.

Please note: Same Day Crowns are only available in Griffith