Missing teeth can affect us in so many ways from reduced chewing ability and a ‘gappy’ smile, to extra forces on, and early breakdown of other teeth.  Tooth supported bridges were typically used for this in the past, however as the technology has improved, and the difference in costs between implants and bridges is minor, Implants have become the gold standard.   Not only can implants be used for single teeth, but also for multiple teeth and even to stabilise and support a denture.  Furthermore, the onsite 3D X-ray unit, and experienced implant surgeons mean that in most cases everything is done on site, saving you the need to travel extended distances to get procedures done.  While simple in so many ways, how it works can be tricky to get your head around.  Give us a call to get your free chat about implants more specific to your situation.  While a definitive quote cannot be given until a 3-D scan of your jaw is done, we are more than happy to explain how it works and give a rough idea of costs.